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The RAF Hendon Ju-87 was captured in Germany, May 1945. The British Disarmament Wing located 59 Ju-87s at the end of the war. This was one of 12 German aircraft selected by the Air Ministry for museum display, rather than as evaluation aircraft. According to RAF Hendon nine of these museum aircraft still survive. However, only two “intact” Ju-87s appear to remain anywhere in the world, one in Chicago, USA, and the other, this one, at RAF Hendon, UK. 

he RAF Hendon Ju-87 is thought to have been built 1943-4 as one of 1,178 Ju87 D-5 ground-attack variants ordered by the German Luftwaffe, but later modified to G-2 standard. The work number may have been changed from 2883 (D-5) to 494083 when rebuilt as a G-2, of which 210 were produced. 

This Junkers Ju-87 was still in running order in 1967 and was intended for use in the film Battle of Britain. However, the filmmakers decided that restoration of the airframe was too expensive. Instead, the film uses model replica Ju-87s. The aircraft suffered some damage in transit during the 1970s but otherwise appears in good condition. There are no Ju-87s flying anywhere in the world today, which is a great shame.



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