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It's a showcase of 1/18 Tiger (P) (RC). This is a custom model built with Lego bricks. This replica of a Tiger Porsche Tank is a pretty awesome demonstration of his skills, zooming around by remote control and pivoting its barrel. Tommy Styrvoky, the builder, says the built took approximately a month of off and on building after school.

He says the turret ring is mounted and it has a historically accurate rotation speed of 25 seconds for a full traverse. He attempted to find a accurate measurement of turret traverse, but he used the Tiger I's traverse speed in lower gear, as The Porsche Tiger may have used a different means of power such as a electric motor to power the turret, as the Tiger I had a Pto shaft off of the transmission. It is also difficult with the current lego gears to obtain some ratios without a lot of gearing, and it was cramped inside the hull of the model. Though through some findings he found anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for a full rotation 14° takes 25 seconds for full rotation.  


Tommy Styrvoky (Youtube)


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