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These reports, which were never finished, give a substantial analysis of the Tiger I and include fascinating details of the vehicle in service, its capabilities, and the sophisticated engineering used. They include extracts of the interrogation of a German Tiger I crew after their capture which give some insight into the problems they found in operating the tank.

The detailed studies made by the School of Tank Technology give extensive material for the researcher, historian, and modeller. The information ranges from the level of crew vision available, to the metallurgical analysis of the track pins. All the major assemblies are covered with even more detail for some of the unusual items such as the inertia starter.


  • Preliminary Report No. 19 on PzKw VI Model H conducted in November 1943 by the School of Tank Technology (STT). This brief report gives all the basic details which were rapidly produced.
  • The more detailed STT report on PzKw VI (Tiger) Model H was produced as a ‘part publication’ with new material being added all the time as tests were conducted. Initially produced in January 1944 this report goes into considerable detail on many, but not all, topics, as the full reports were never completed. The 8.8 cm. Gun, ammunition, stowage, fighting arrangements, and power plant are all covered.
  • Two further reports give a detailed description of every major assembly complete with wiring diagrams, metallurgical analysis and a translation of the German maintenance instructions. One of these reports also gives a short description of the development and production of Tiger I.
  • Extracts from the interrogation of a captured Tiger I crew.
  • A translation of a report of a Tiger versus Josef Stalin action published in the German “Bulletin for Tank Troops”.

The reports are in English. There are colour and many monochrome illustrations including vehicle stowage diagrams. Of particular interest is the account of a battle in Italy which resulted in the destruction of most of a Squadron of Tiger I tanks. Because of the poor and fragile condition of the original documents some of these reports are verbatim transcriptions.

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