This is the opening scene of "Our Own", a 2004 Russian drama film directed by Dmitri Meskhiyev.  In this scene you can see the attack done by assault troops and tanks belonging to a German motorized unit who are invading the Pskov Region, during Operation Barbarossa, invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany.

Take a look at  the Sd.kfz 250/1, the Pz.kpfw 38t (Skoda LT vz.38), and the Pz.kpfw IV in action on the street of the Russian village. It's amazing also as the Germans soldiers fire their MP40 from the hip.

The film won the Golden George Award for Best Film at the 26th Moscow International Film Festival in June 2004. Meshiev also won the award for Best Director and Bohdan Stupka won the award for Best Actor. 

Source: | Tankman (Youtube)

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