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In the previous post titled “Incredible!!! Nazi German weapons are used still nowadays in wars”, I shown two interesting footages about the use of German light howitzer and assault rifle by Members of the Islamic Front, of the Rebel Free Syrian Army and Syrian rebels in their fight against Syrian Army in Syrian Civil War. In this post I want to show a new footage made by YouTuber jmantime about this issue. More “old weapons” are displayed in this amazing footage, among them: Mosin Nagant, cache of MAS-36, M1 Garand, chromed or nickeled modified Beretta Model 1938/44 submachine, STG-44, Browning M1919, DP-28, vz. 52 I and PTRS-41 Anti-tank rifle. 

Their use may look an anachronism, nowadays there are a lot of better modern weapons, but this fact is a great example of the quality of WWII weapons. They are still certainly very weapons lethals.  



jmantime (Youtube)

WW2 Timeline: 


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