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We are sure you can't wait more time to go to "The Tiger Collection" exhibition, which will open in early April, in time for Easter Holidays 2017, at The Tank Museum, Bovington (Dorset, UK).

One of the most important atractions of this new exhibition, supported by World of Tanks, is the Elefant tank destroyer (based on the rejected Porsche Tiger chassis), which ios a loan of the US Army Ordnance Training and Heritage Center. This occasion will be its first public display in Europe since it was captured by American troops during the Battle of Anzio in Italy.

The Ferdinand/Elefant had an impressive combat record (despite the mechanical and defensive issues). Historians estimate the vehicle had a 10-to-1 kill ratio and was one of World War II’s most successful tank destroyers.

On this video taken this year at Bovington Tank Museum, you will be able watch original battle damage on this beast. This is only an advance, and we hope you are going to visit this impressive exhibition.  


dark1810 (Youtube) | www.tankmuseum.org

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