Militracks 2016 is a great event for everybody interested in military technology of World War II. At Militracks, mainly German Sd.Kfz. vehicles are in the spotlights during two great days. A wide range of motorbikes, transporters, command cars, together with halftracks and tanks are on display during this weekend. Even better, they drive around on the 1-mile circuit around the war museum of Overloon. And you can drive along! A unique happening! 

At the Böhmisch-Mährische Maschinenfabrik (Prague) and Skoda (Königgrätz, modern-day Mladá Boleslav), the tank destroyer "Hetzer" appeared over the chassis of the armoured personnel carrier 38 (t). A modified chassis with a more efficient motor, more heavily slanted armour plating, broader tracks and heavier artillery (7.5 cm anti-tank cannon 40) made the "Hetzer" the most efficient German light armoured vehicle.  


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