Junker 87, better known by Germans as the "Sturzkampfbomber" and by English as dive bomber or "Stuka", was one of the most effective, successful and deadly weapon of the World War II. Its rank is high if you account the number of ships sunk or the number of enemy tanks destroyed druing WWII.

A formation of Ju87 "Stuka" dive bombers was a deadly cocktail. Each bomber carrying one 250 kg bomb (later 500 kg ) under the fuselage and up to four 50kg bombs under the wings. They were flying directly overhead their target, then dive bombing at an angle of almost 90 degrees. The accuracy of the bombing run was completely in the hands of the pilot.

During the first campaigns of World War II, and up to the Battle of Britain, they didn't have any rival. When they had to face the British fighters, as Hurricane and Spitfire, they became the victims themselves. Stuka Gruppen were being destroyed on missions over the English Channel, and the Luftwaffe had no alternative to withdraw them from operation duties during this period, although as the war progressed, further variants were produced and the Ju87 saw service in Europe and in the Mediterranean. 


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