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The 1st Armored Division has made American history. From Alriea through Ilaly, you have proven your right to be known as American soldiers. I know of no higher compliment one can pay you than to soy that you fought courageously and loyally as members of Ihe
1st Armored Division. You have nol failed in the past and I am sure you will be successful in the future. Your deeds will live on. You have proven your failh in en ever present God" ond in our beloved country. Your division's reputation remains in your trust to guard and protect. Your loyally and supportl sustain your commander. May God bless each of you and may you be returned soon to your loved ones.


  • Title page
  • Greetings
  • Activation
  • The North African Invasion
  • Tunisia
  • 40,000 Germans
  • Italy
  • Anzio
  • The Mountains
  • The End of the War
  • The Record
  • To Sum Up

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