This Bf 109 was built in 1939. It was known to have flown in battle of France and the battle of Britain as an E1. After upgrade to an E7 it was delivered to the eastern front where it was flown by the highly decorated German pilot Wulf- Dietrich Widowitz. He was shot down by a lend/lease British Hurricane flown by a Russian Pilot whilst on an escort mission in 1942.After sustaining significant damage, he made a near perfect, forced, wheels-up landing on the ice of a frozen lake. The plane sank through the ice an came to rest on the lake-bed. The survived without injury and was able to walk back to the German lines. Widowitz died more than a year later in another crash landing. The Plane however, came to rest on the lake bed the following summer as the ice melt beneath it. 

A very rare find indeed and in excellent condition due to the ideal landing conditions the lake offered . It remaind untouched until its recovery in 2003.


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