Fortunately, every time a World War II's geek, is driving or walking along road outside Roscoff, next to the ferry port, in North Brittany (France), leave us on Internet nice photos and videos showing the impressive M4A1(76) W Sherman Tank on display in front of the former WWII museum, in this French town. 

Roughly 50 km south of the museum, a tank battle, between US and German forces, was reported to have taken place. On August 1st, the American Third Army, under General Patton, breaks through German line at Avranches begins westward sweep through Brittany. On August 6th, Patton’s army reaches the outskirts of Brest.

Tanks boasting 76 mm cannons hit assembly lines in February 1944, making them ready for the Normandy invasion. Ammunition bins were moved to recesses above the tracks on the floor of the battle compartment and on both sides of the driveshaft. An interesting peculiarity was so-called "wet stowage," which had double-walled water jackets surrounding the main gun ammunition storage. It was thought that if the ammunition storage suffered a hit, the water would keep a potential fire from spreading. Tanks with 76 mm weapons were given the additional suffix "76," while the 76 mm M1A1C and M1A2 and their muzzle brakes were installed later. The initial shell speed for the new weapons clocked in at 810 m/s, making the modernized tanks capable of standing up to the heavy German tanks.

This nice Sherman is just sitting by a road in Roscoff, said Fabrizio on G503 forums. He understands that the owner moved it to its actual location, some years ago when there was a private museum just behind, that has already closed. His impression is that the hull looks intact, and the gun too. Driver's hatch is open, so you can enter into the tank freely. Outside has been repainted with a strange sand color, but the inside still has remains of the original paint, and some of the white tags. He has been investigating some on Internet and he said it has been rescued from a range where it served as a target for incendiary coktail training for french commandos, and brought here in front of the now closed museum. It is missing its tracks and suspension. It was bought in Dinan, about 100km away. 

He would consider this tank as a perfect base for a rebuild. He leaves us 12 amazing pics, taken this year, of wreckage Sherman Tank. Maybe your last opportunity to see it!!!

Mark, on steves-digicams forums, has tried to add some smoke and give a bit of feel at the time of the incident. These 2 pics were taken in 2010. The result is shown below, and you can value it: 

Other WWII's geek left on SoldierSystems, last year, in 2014, three nice pics of this Sherman tank.

Finally in 2011, a Youtuber called Dutchtenfor, wheels lover, made two stunning videos,  around and inside this tank, and left us his impressions about this find: "I could not see any battle damage and since the tracks, suspension, engine and most of the interior fittings have been removed, I reckon that this tank had broken down and was stripped for parts. I was also really pleased that I was able to get inside the tank and have a good look around. I find it difficult to imagine how the crew managed to fit and live inside amongst the machinery, let alone actually enter any fighting..."

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