It is 9ft long and approx 5ft wide. The main hull is 20mm thick alluminium on a solid steel frame. All road wheels along with the suspension system is fitted, both sets of steel tracks are made along with loads of spare links and pins. There is also seven spare road wheels, and ALL alluminium plates to finish the machine, it also comes with a Porsche 914 (VW Pancake engine).

It will need two hydraulic motors and pump plus your chosen radio control gear plus sprockets and idler wheels making. It also comes with the complete manual of CAD drawings for all the components, when done it will be an amazing tank to own. Sadly current owner is just too busy to finish it off so He has reluctantly decided to sell it, the price is £8000.
As stated earlier this is totally unique, so it gives you the opportunity to own the one and only 1/2 size Stug III built of steel and alluminium, what a project!

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