The T-34-85, aside from the enlarged turret ring for the new turret, used the same T-34 hull design. Armor was still about 45 mm thick, sloped at 60 degrees for a 90 mm effective thickness. The Christie suspension was retained, as well as the diesel engine. However, the biggest difference in the tank design was the three-man turret, though a turret basket was still exempt from the design.

From its introduction in March 1944 and onwards, the T-34-85s were the main tank in Soviet service. The T-34-85s maintained numerical superiority throughout the entire war due to the Soviet's industrial base and design concept of mass producing single designs. The T-34-85s were the main Soviet spearhead weapon during Operation Bagration and its future offensives up until the Battle of Berlin. 

This is a 1944 T-34/85 medium tank, which needs restoration, although its hull is undamaged. It's supplied with a good low hour correct engine; nevertheless, it needs gearbox. Its location is in France and shipping, and export documentation must be arranged by the buyer.

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