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The Light Tank M22 "Locust" was an American-designed airmobile light tank. The armor of the M22 in several areas was found to be so thin that it was incapable of even resisting the armor-piercing ammunition of a .50 caliber machine-gun. Complaints were also made about the 37mm main armament, which was not powerful enough to penetrate the armor of most tanks used by the Axis powers. The majority of the Locusts ended up placed in tank parks until they were scrapped at the end of the conflict, and only eight ever saw action with British airborne forces.

Operation Varsity was the only time the Locust would see action with the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment or the British Army as a whole. A report issued at the end of a conference held by the Director (Air) of the War Office in January 1946 confirmed that the Locust design was considered obsolete; any light tanks to be used in post-war airborne formations would be made from completely new designs.

This tank is on the Locust Tank Registry List #17.  Hull was sandblasted and primed.  New road wheels installed.  Tracks are freed up.  It is a rolling original.  Currently has fake plywood and steel turret.  Comes with 346 1940's Cadillac V8 rebuilt motor.  Second motor available for additional cost.  Automatic transmission coupled to it.  Google "Roberts Armory" and click on M22 restoration for details of how they restored a similar project.... more information at:

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