Windsor Carrier was a Canadian-built variation of the Universal Carrier aka Bren Gun Carrier. It was known as the Queen of carriers and was built in Windsor, Ontario (Canada). It was a late-war unit produced in a single batch of 5,000 in 1944-1945. Windsor were shared with Allies. It was a Canadian development with a longer chassis extended 76cm (it had lengthened body) and an additional wheel in the aft bogie, providing more stability than in the original carrier design. 

Windsor Carrier was identifiable by the double sets of road wheels. It was similar to the American-built T-16 was also a variation on the Universal Carrier that was recognizable by a longer body and extra road wheels. The Windsor still maintained the combination track warp/brake steering of the earlier Universals, for agility. 

As weapons and tank development increased the need for larger anti-tank weapons in infantry and anti-tank units, the requirement for a carrier able to haul the larger guns and ammunition led to the development of large carriers. In fact, the tactical role of the Windsor was the same as that of the T-16, moving ordnance and support weapons along with ammunition and crew members. 

Windsor Carrier was used in Anti-Tank regiments and Anti-Tank platoons of Motor battalions and infantry battalions. It was used as both a gun tractor (for either the 6-pounder Anti-Tank Gun or the 17-pounder Anti-Tank Gun, with two additional carriers for each platoon of four guns carrying ammunition. Gun tractors had a crew of 5 (including the gun crew) and ammunition carriers a crew of 3, two of whom were also gun crew members.

This is an original WWII Windsor Carrier with one repaint. It's in very good running condition with original uncut armor. Runs, steers and brakes excellent. Original uncut armour. Original canvas cover in excellent condition. Assortment of tools, track pins and links. Both fuel tanks operational. Wrapped original tow cable. Retains original serial number plate. Original operators manual and packing slip. Illustrated spare parts list. Track and bogie wheels in great condition. Two original passenger seats (newly acquired New Old Stock (NOS) - not shown in photos). There is also a newly acquired NOS cargo strap assembly for holding artillery shells. Many other new parts. Still has registration number for UK roads.

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