The “88” was designed by Krupp engineers in Sweden in cooperation with Swedish Bofors. In the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), the German Condor Legion deployed a mobile flak detachment with 88s, which proved accurate and versatile in combat. The FlaK 18, version of the "88" gun sent to Spain, was soon used as anti-tank, anti-bunker and even as anti-battery. The flak detachment with 88s proved accurate and versatile in combat against mainly land targets, the high muzzle velocity and large caliber (efficient heavy projectile) making it an excellent long-range anti-vehicle and anti-bunker weapon.

The war in Spain, with its wildly fluctuating front lines and the presence of Russian tanks, forced the Germans to employ the FlaK 18 guns in a direct fire mode against ground targets. By the end of the war the 88-mm guns had performed far more missions as an anti-tank and direct-fire Field Artillery gun than as an anti-aircraft gun. During the war German 88-mm guns were involved in 377 combat engagements, only 31 were against enemy aircraft.

This gun is one of the 88 guns 88/56 FlaK 36 that arrived at Spain in 1943, within the “Bär Program”, an agreement of financial support from Hitler in Germany to Franco in Spain. Since 1943 they were manufactured under license in Trubia under the denomination FT 44 (about 200 guns).

In February, 2016

In September, 2016

Seller offers a complete restored 88mm Flak. This Flak has Spanish origin and it is deactivated. 

Seller has disassembled all parts and actually all parts work, even aiming watches or air brakes. The Flak is sold with optics, pioneers tools, communication equipment use by troops as earphones and microphone, a piece of shell and its steel box.

The Flak is located in Madrid (Spain) 85000€ (negotiable, best offer or exchange for an interesting project). Only serious offers please. Worldwide shipping.

Click here to contact the seller (José Martínez)

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