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Lancaster B I R5868 "S-Sugar" is the oldest surviving Lancaster. This aircraft was the first RAF heavy bomber to complete 100 operations (going on to fly 137 sorties). It is on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon in 467 Sqn markings. Although surplus to requirements, the decision to preserve it was made in June 1945, due to the exceptional number of operations it had flown, and it was transferred to the RAF's Air Historical Branch; it was moved to the RAF Museum in 1972.

It was delivered to the RAF in June 1942 and flew for the remainder of the war. It was originally coded as "Q-Queenie" with No. 83 Squadron RAF from RAF Scampton and then as "S-Sugar" with No. 463 and No. 467 RAAF Squadrons from RAF Waddington. Its final operations were in May 1945, when it was used to ferry liberated Allied prisoners of war back to the United Kingdom. 


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