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The battle for North Africa, which raged from 1940 to 1943, is best remembered today by many as a war that was fought entirely by mechanized armies arrayed against one another in the open Saharan desert. However false, the popular image that seized the imaginations of thousands of people who lived during the war, and the one that still endures to this day, was that this was a war of maneuver, with the tanks of the German Afrikakorps, aided by the luckless Italians, pitted against the stubborn but valiant “Desert Rats” of the British Eighth Army, who fought back and forth across the desert wastelands of Libya and Egypt. While that timeworn image may have held true between February 1941 and October 1942, a second campaign began in November 1942 that had little in common with the first. This war was fought in the cactus-covered valleys and rugged mountains of Tunisia, where infantry forces bore the brunt of the burden with armor more often than not playing a supporting role... (read more at the article)


Douglas E. Nash - Army History - Summer 2012 - PB 20-12-3 (No. 84) Washington, D.C.
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