Tankberles is an Hungarian company, which is engaged in the building of armoured car replications, renewal of armoured cars withdrawn from service for the purpose of participating in film shooting and various other events. They often took part in military games and military demonstration plays both home and abroad with great success. The high quality and unique character of their services are shown by the fact that they have built the replications of the World War II armoured cars which are unique in Europe and the originals of which are already irreplaceable.

Here we left some of their best works. They are willing for hire

Tiger I heavy tank

Hetzer tank destroyer

PaK-40 machine-hauled antitank gun

BM13 Katyusha rocket thrower

Panther heavy tank

BM13 Katyusha rocket thrower, Panther and Tiger I tanks.

Contact and more information at: http://tankberles.hu



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