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 HQ Comando Supremo) January 28, 2015

This Lancaster, flown by F/O Clarence Roy Pegg of B Flight 576 Sqn, took of from RAF Fiskerton, 5 miles East of Lincoln at 17- 45 pm on the evenung of the 16th January 1945 to Bomb the German petro-chemical plant at Zietz troglitz in Central Germany.After succsesfully dropping its Bombs on the target, the lancaster now damaged and on 3 engines made its way back over Germany.The Lancaster had futher engine trouble, leaving only 2 engines working.At this point the crew decided to head south to the allied lines near Brussels, against attempting a North Sea crossing.

Near Brussels the lancaster, now down to 3,000 ft lost a 3rd engine and the crew baled out. The Lancaster crashed in a farmers Field. Recovery was by a group of Belgium enthusiasts led by Nicolas Clinaz. 


Fiskertonairfield - Youtube

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