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Tali-Ihantala 1944 is a Finnish war film based on the Battle of Tali-Ihantala. The film was turned to be as real as possible, and only include facts. Åke Lindman, his Director, wanted Finns to remember the sacrifices the soldiers made in those battles.

The movie was made using a wide array of genuine wartime vehicles. Some of the tanks used were actual individual vehicles which had participated in the actual real life battles depicted in the film, and stored in museum. This is the case of the scene displayed, where the Finnish army in the movie use real StuGs. You can note the reverse swastika, the Finnish national insignia.

The movie was filmed around the Parola tank museum, a branch of the nearby Finnish Tank School. The StuGs were from a pool of 6 running ones that are maintained by the mechanics school, the T34 belonged to a Swedish collector and the KV1 was the engineless example at Parola cleverly pushed and pulled by off-camera vehicles.

It's a belting film, if a bit confusing to us non-Finns at first, and nearly all of the incidents described in the film happened in real life (for instance, the corporal driving the StuG III with the jammed reciprocator was the son of his Brigade Commander).


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