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This is a very rare uncut footage of the F4U-1 Corsair at a Pacific base. Corsair #13 is Kenneth Walsh, awarded the Medal of Honor. This is VMF-124 (Marines) on Guadalcanal during the F4U-1 first deployment at Henderson Field in February 1943 . 

Interesting fact is that the US Navy initially rejected the F4U as a carrier plane, but then they saw the Royal Navy use it successfully aboard their flattops. Just couldn't be outperformed. The Britishs came up with the carrier landing method where you are in a constant turn on final so you could keep the deck in view up until the last few seconds. Straight in approaches were out due to the long nose blocking the view.  Americans soon adopted the Brit's idea and started using them on carriers.

The British used them in the Atlantic and where the first to fly them off of carriers....FAA Corsairs performed their first combat action on 3 April 1944, with Number 1834 Squadron flying from the HMS VICTORIOUS to help provide cover for a strike on the German super-battleship TIRPITZ in a Norwegian fjord. This was apparently the first combat operation of the Corsair off of an aircraft carrier.


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