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Rare, original coloured movie from GB 1942/43, but this movie did not have an original sound. So, If you are boring repetitive sound, please switch music off. Movie is from 310(cz). squadron, 312(cz). squadron and 313(cz). sq. First picture with flags is from Exeter airfield. In cz. squadrons (1940/45) were also pilots from another nations: 46 british (Best: J.J. Jefferies-Latimer 6 victories), 18 jews (Best: O.Smik 10 victories), 3 canadians, 1 american, 1 irish, 1 polish pilot and 5-10% of slovakians (best J.K.Ambruš 2 victories). The best of czech, who fighted in czechoslovak squadrons was A.Vašátko 15 victories.


Jjuurraa (Youtube)

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