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This film is a tribute to the Avro Lancaster as "the most powerful and efficient bomber in the world, and one of the most important war-winning weapons in the UN" made in 1942.

Full description.- Perfunctory coverage of production (no clear picture of processes, but close-ups of men and women workers, while commentary speaks of RAF's reliance on their craftsmanship etc); a completed Lancaster is rolled out, and there is good footage of its test flight. Rest of the film shows Lancaster participating in (allegedly) a "1,000 Bomber" raid - ground crews service planes, bombing up - briefing of aircrews - take off - some film of Lancasters in flight and of burning town (see 'Remarks') - landing. Commentary mocks Goering's denial that "1,000 Bomber" raids happen, and his promise of German cities' safety - also speaks again of the importance of the builders of the planes, as well as those who fly them.


jaguarfarewellday (Youtube) | www.iwm.org.uk

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