Great Britain employed railway-mounted guns that were capable of firing across the English Channel between the areas around Dover and Calais. Britain employed three 13.5-inch (342.9 mm) railway mounted guns on the East Kent Light Railway, located around Lydden and Shepherdswell. These were known as Gladiator, Sceneshifter and Peacemaker. 9.2 inch Mark 13 guns were located near Canterbury and Hythe, Kent; and 12 inch howitzers, Mk 3 and 5, located around Guston, north of Dover on the Southern Railway line to Deal and Ramsgate.

On this video you can see various shots of British Army crews training in use of large railway guns from 1940. Various shots of railways guns moving along track and of crews using different wheels and levers to point the massive gun barrels. Natural sound of officers shouting orders at gun crews. 


British Pathé (Youtube) | Wikipedia

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