Up for your consideration is a very rare and unique US WWII Ford M8 Greyhound Armored Car. This vehicle is 71 years old. This piece of WWII history was produced in 1944 and is equipped with a Hercules JXD In-line liquid cooled 110 horse power 6 cylinder motor. The car is 6 x 6.  It stands 7' 4.5" and is 16.5' long.  The M8 weighs 8.75 tons.  Offered complete with a demilled 37mm front gun and a demilled browning 1919 30 caliber on the back.  The both guns rotate properly.  This vehicle has a max road speed of 55 mph. It is marked with Free French Army markings along with US 2nd Armored Division.

This vehicle has spent most of its life after the war in a museum.  It was originally housed in a Belgium museum until it was later returned to the states in 2002.  It has spent the last 12 years on display in a museum.  The vehicle is in good overall condition showing normal wear for being 71 years old.  We have not attempted to start the motor or drive the vehicle.  We believe the motor to be free and capable of starting with a little TLC.  We are selling it as a historical piece that could make a great piece for a collector who is hands on and would enjoy tinkering with it.  We are not military vehicle experts but this piece seems to be very complete and mostly original.

AUCTION starting bid: $31,600.00. Please feel free to ask questions!  This item can be viewed in person by scheduling an appointment.  Please call 260 249 4221 or message us on eBay with questions.    


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