COSSAC staff, under Lt. Gen. Frederick E. Morgan, studied every aspect of a cross-channel invasion of the continent, and eventually chose Normandy. The project seemed remote then, given the vulnerability of Great Britain as she stood alone against the Axis powers, but it was never considered impossible. That year, even while the island nation was preoccupied with its own defense after the fall of France and the Low Countries, the British Defense Ministry created the Combined Operations organization to devise hit-and-run Commando raids on German-held coasts. Eighteen months later, when Lord Louis Mountbatten took over the organization’s helm, Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered him to “plan for the offensive.” Yet the second front envisioned by Britain, an invasion of continental Europe, became a far more tenable proposal after the Soviet Union, followed by America, joined in the struggle against Nazism... (read the full article now)


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