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Panther Ausf. A with the number 211 from the Musée des Blindés, Saumur (France) was kept in perfect condition since 1945. It was overhauled in 1980 and is still in running condition.

This Panther was built by MNH in June 1944 and has the chassis number 155506. It is in running order and has taken part in Carrousel displays. It carries the turret number “211”. It was provided with a complete set of tools for carrying on the side of its hull by the German GEDORE society. This was after the CDEB (Saumur Documentation Centre) found a wrench in the bottom of one of its Panthers carrying the trademark of the society and returned it to them. It had not suffered any degradation since 1944. The E.R.G.M.E.B. at Gien helped with the restoration of a Panther engine to running order. Apparently some 14 Panther chassis were cannibalised to provide parts for restoring this one to operational condition. [Preserved Tanks in France: Number 173]

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