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The German military genius for maneuver warfare is well illustrated by an often overlooked operation of World War II, the invasion of Scandinavia in 1940. Operation Weserübung also warrants examination because it was joint in execution and demonstrates that the German army, navy, and air force—Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine, and Luftwaffe—could fight as a team even if rivalry among the headquarters of the services made Hitler the operation’s unified commander by fault. A combination of speed, surprise, and daring enabled the German armed forces to defy the Royal Navy by transporting troops directly to their objectives along the Norwegian coast. Furthermore, quickness and dash baffled the hapless Norwegians and beleaguered Allied forces. The lessons of this operation were not lost on the British for the balance of the war and remain relevant today as a case study in joint warfare and the operational art.


(Source: Major Richard D. Hooker, Jr.,, Second Lieutenant Christopher Coglianese, 1993)
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