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On U.S. shuttle-bombing operations over Germany between bases in Great Britain, Italy, and Russia. Scenes shown include:

  • B-17 planes bomb the French coast, B-24s bomb a German factory. B-17s are attacked by German fighters and some fall in flames; others fly on to land in Russia. An animated diagram shows advantages of using Russian airfields. Gens. Spaatz and Anderson plan "Operation Titanic" (the construction of airfields in Russia) at USAAF headquarters. Ships are loaded with supplies in British ports, the convoy passes through the Arctic, supplies are unloaded in Murmansk, Russia, and are transported by train to an airport site in central Russia. 
  • Personnel of the U.S. 8th Air Force in Great Britain and of the 15th Air Force in Italy are briefed for the first shuttle bombing run to the new Russian airfields. Gen. Twining bids them farewell. B-17s, led by Gen. Eaker, take off. B-24s take off from Great Britain. P-51 and P-38 fighter planes escort the bombers on their way. The two bombing forces bomb targets in Germany, land in Russia, and are greeted by Gen. Ross. and Russian Gen. Seymenov. 
  • U.S. bombers land, crews disembark, and fraternize with Russian pilots. Officers interrogate the flyers on the mission. Russian and U.S. crewmen service the planes. Flyers eat at an outdoor kitchen, sleep in tents, and fall out for reveille. Col. Kepler and Russian officers confer on the next bombing mission. Crewmen of a bomber play baseball and cards, write letters home, milk a cow, and drive a jeep to visit war ruins. Shows Russian "Yak" fighters lined up on a field. 
  • Russians entertain Americans with folk songs and dances. Crews are briefed and planes take off. Reel 5, B-17 bombers take off from an airfield. Shows a montage of shots of bombing raids on Axis cities.... (see more at: https://archive.org/)


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WW2 Timeline: 


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