Hammer of the IJN. For six months, Akagi and the other carriers of the Japanese Navy were the terrors of the seas. From Pearl Harbor to the Indian Ocean, Japanese planes rained ordinance on Allied warships. The rate of damage these ships inflicted was severe, but it could not be sustained. At the battle of Midway a single bomb struck the Akagi, setting the bombs and fuel in her hangar deck alight and slowly burning out the ship. 


Size: length...372.5mm - width …60mm | Skill Level 3 | 195 pieces | Age 14+ | This kit features full decals |Markings: IJN combined fleet 1st air fleet 1st carrier squadron Flagship 1941.


  • Reviewed by Timothy Dike.- It's nice to see the work that went into the new 350 scale kit make it's way back down to the 700 scale waterline world where it all began. This new kit will make a much more accurate and detailed version of the Akagi... (see more at: http://www.modelwarships.com/).



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