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A small pamphlet, one of a series on Indian Infantry Divisions that fought World War II and published by the War Department, Govt of India (before the British gave independence to India in 1947). Anonymously authored.

The Division came into this war along the most ancient rivers of all, the Tigris and the Euphrates. In 1941, the ruler of Iraq, with the promise of German support, planned a treacherous attack upon Great Britain, who had freed his country twenty-three years before. The 17th Brigade therefore left Delhi in May, to guard British-owned oilfields in the Mosul villayet. In July and August of the same year, 1 8th and 19th Brigades followed across the Arabian Sea, to protect the great oil refineries on the Persian Gulf. Here the 1 8th Brigade fought a three days action against the Iranians, which ended in comic opera fashion when the brass band of the enemy offered to play the victors into occupation' of the disputed town. In' October, the three Brigades of the Division, under Major-General C. O. Harvey, C.B., C.B.E., C.V.O., M.C., met at Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, where gas jets from the earth burn unceasingly. A month later, it moved to the northern limits of the oilfields. The Germans were marching with giant strides towards the Caucasus. Should they burst across these mountains, they must be met and held before' they reached the waste lands which yielded the precious petroleum. Here the 6th D.C.O. Lancers joined the Division, which set about the digging of fortifications... (read full story now)

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