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The Messerschmitt Me410, nicknamed the Hornisse ("Hornet"), was a German heavy fighter and Schnellbomber used by the Luftwaffe during World War II. It was developed from the Me210 and fitted with a more powerful Daimler-Benz DB 603A engine, which greatly improved its flight performance . A BK5 50-mm cannon was added to the Me410B-2/U4,which greatly enhanced the combat capabilities. Hence it was called“bomber-killer”.


1/48 Messerschmitt Me410B-2/U4 heavy fighter plastic model kit,Length:278mm, Wingspan: 340mm. Beautiful lines of this aircraft are reproduced perfectly on the model ;Detailed cockpit;An accurate reproduction of the engine;Gun turret in the center of the fuselage is movable as the real aircraft;Angle of flap, aileron, elevator, rudder can be selected;Engine radiator can be open or closed. Two painting options provided.


This is another wonderful model building guidance video presented by MENG and Warfare in Scale team! This model building guidance video will bring reference and help for your own building. In this building guidance video, Mr. Carlos Costa from Spain will show the whole process of building and painting the Messerschmitt Me410B-2/U4 Heavy Fighter model. We hereby want to express our gratitude to Warfare in Scale TV team including Mr. Carlos Costa for their hard work and cooperation.


  • Review by Mike.- You may have guessed by now that as well as liking the Hornisse immensely, I am very pleased with this release. Meng have taken a lot of care with engineering the kit well, have included a lot of detail out of the box, as well as adding value with the inclusion of the small PE fret. Building the kit shouldn't tax anyone with a few kits under their belt, but building the canopy neatly will require patience, and is probably best placed on the fuselage to set-up, so that it conforms to the shape and sits well. It would be churlish to wish that they'd included a set of masks with the kit, but given the painting of the inside of the canopy that is required, it would have been a particularly useful tool. Eduard will come to the rescue in the next month or two, I'm sure. I will be building this kit very shortly, and will get a better feel for the accuracy of the shape as I go along, but I am very pleased that we now have a thoroughly 21st century tooling of this lesser known aircraft… One that resides only around 80 miles from my door... (see more at:
  • Review by Brett Green.- Meng's first entry to the world of 1/48 scale aircraft is impressive. Their 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Me 410 B-2/U4 is well detailed with some nice features. Comparisons with the Revell-Monogram kit will be inevitable. The main differences are the inclusion of two complete engines, poseable control surfaces and the fact that it is readily available! The Revell kit has a reputation of being fussy to build too, so it will be interesting to see how easily the Meng kit goes together. It certainly looks promising in the box. I will look forward to seeing what Meng has in store for us as their next 1/48 scale kit. Advantages: Excellent mouldings; high level of detail including full engines and weapons bay; optional position rudder, elevators, landing flaps and ailerons; fine recessed panel detail; very clear canopy parts with raised roll cage moulded to the inside; high quality decals. Disadvantages: Pointy tips on VDM 9 propeller blades...(see more at:
  • Review by Pablo Bauleo.- I wish the canopy would have been easier to assemble and had an overall better fit. Same applies to the front window. Also, for the price tag of this model, I wish a decal mask set had been included. But don’t let my critique on the clear parts turn you away from this model. Actually, the clear parts were the only challenging part of the whole kit. The overall fit of the kit (clear parts excluded) was outstanding. I only used a negligible amount of filler along the fuselage spine – mostly due to my own fault when removing the part – and none in the wings and tail. Surface detail is very good, perhaps a bit deep in the side panel lines, but they take a wash nicely. I congratulate Meng for the surface detail, quality, and good engineering of this kit. Treat this kit well and you will be rewarded with an outstanding model. Given the problems with the clear parts and the complex alignment of all the interior parts, I recommend this kit to experienced modelers... (see more at:





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