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 Lieutenant) August 15, 2016

In this episode Angus is looking at Douglas MacArthur with Walter Borneman.

MacArthur is one of those personalities that war throws up which are hard to pin down. They have a big personalities and seemingly a huge confidence within themselves that overrides everything else (another two examples would be Monty and Patton).

The media generated about them at the time seems to put them on a pedestal, its hard to see through that hype to figure out how good they actually were.

Since Angus started the podcast MacArthur was in his top ten of topics to cover, so he was thrilled to see a new book on him “MacArthur at War: WWII in the Pacific” by Walter Borneman. Its a highly recommend read, its a balance look which at times has you disbelieving he was allowed to continue in command, at other times you see his ability shine through. He undoubtedly was a very complex man. 


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