Discussions about the most effective tanks in World War 2 often revolve around the armor, gun and usually completely off kill:death ratios. I want to create a framework that allows to determine the overall effectiveness of a tank. Furthermore, the results can be used and compared to the overall strategy, challenges and doctrines of the various factions. Thus, allowing to determine if a tank design was suited for limits and capabilities of that faction.

The areas and factors:

  • Logistical 
  1. Reliability
  2. Supply & Fuel Consumption / Efficiency
  3. Maintainability
  4. Strategic Mobility
  • Technical
  1. Armor/Protection
  2. Tactical Mobility
  3. Lethality / Armament / Firepower / Offensive value
  4. Usability
  • Industrial
  1. Production Time /Production Cost 
  2. Complexity & Suitability for Mass Production
  3. Resource “Drain”


Military History Visualized (Youtube)

WW2 Timeline: 


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