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 HQ Batallón) May 15, 2016

To win a war in the Pacific, the Navy would have to fight its way through thousands of miles of ocean controlled by the Japanese—including the Marshall, Caroline, Marianas and Ryukyu island chains. If the Navy could land Marines to seize selected islands, they could become forward bases.

Here, I leave six amazing real colour footage of six key battles in the Pacific Islands. They were six amphibious assault operations.

Battle of Kwajalein.- The U.S. invades Kwajalein on January 31, 1944, breaking the outer ring of the Japanese Pacific territory. 

Battle of Saipan.- On June 15, 1944, the U.S. launches a critical attack on Saipan in the Mariana Islands. 

Battle of Guam.- On July 21, 1944, U.S. forces advance in the Mariana Islands to capture the former American territory of Guam from the Japanese.

Battle of Peleliu.- From September to November 1944, in a costly battle, U.S. forces assault Peleliu in the Palau Islands to diminish its potential threat to their future invasions in the Pacific. 

Battle of Iwo Jima.- On February 19, 1945, American soldiers make their first strike on the Japanese Home Islands at Iwo Jima.

Battle of Okinawa.- On April 1, 1945, Allied forces invade the island of Okinawa and engage the Japanese in the bloodiest battle of the Pacific War.


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