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Action, action and more action! This short film is set during the Courland Pocket (Latvia), and starts on 23rd October 1944. A young soldier named Karl Franke is shipped in the bowl of Courland and has to prove himself in his first mission. The movie is in German, but has subtitles in English.

Some comments on this film are like these: "Fantastic film! I love the song from Generation War and also loved what you did with German artillery sound in the background at the end of the first battle. Also great acting! "; "This is great! Love your WW2 short films! They are so awesome! Great job Paralight!"; I push the like button before I see it because I am sure it will be another great movie film , and I was not disappointed ." 

These guys of ParaLight WorX are fantastic. Some technical data about how the film was made: ► Camera: Canon EOS 80D ► Objetive: Canon 24-70mm F4.0, Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, Canon 50mm F1.8 STM & Canon EFS 18-55mm STM ► Picture Profile: VisionTech


ParaLight WorX (Youtube)

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