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U-637 surrendered on 9 May 1945 at Stavanger and later sunk as part of Operation Deadlight on 21 December 1945. The boat's career began with training at 5th U-boat Flotilla on 27 August 1942, followed by active service on 1 June 1944 as part of the 1st Flotilla for the remainder of her service. In three patrols she sank one warship, for a total of 56 tons.

This was filmed by Dr. Innes J. McCartney in exceptional visibility and has all the classic features of a late-war Type VII U-boat. McCartney is a nautical archaeologist who specialises in the discovery of and investigation into twentieth century shipwrecks including the wrecks of the Battle of Jutland and the U-boat wars, like this time.


Dr Innes McCartney (Youtube) | Wikipedia

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