Kure, Japan. Beached, Sunk & Damaged Japanese Shipping (April 12, 1946 - May 31, 1946): 

MC On deck of the Japanese Aircraft Carrier "Ryuho" shows a bomb hole probably caused by a 1000 lb bomb which penetrated the aft flight deck and exploded below. MLS Same as above, different angle to show bulged flight deck. Same as above, pan shot looking towards the fan tail. Same as above, pan shot looking towards the fan tail from amidship. Note the underlying shape of the flight deck and the elevator shaft opening. MS Pan from port to starboard showing deck facing lumber being removed by Japanese laborers and piled in rows for salvage. Same as above, different angle. Same as above, different angle.

MS CU A series of shots showing Japanese workers peeling off inlaid wooden flight deck, also a shot of the starboard ack ack gun emplacement now removed. MS Pan R to L along the starboard side of the "Ryuho" showing the damaged side bowed out from internal blast. MLS Battle damage to the Japanese 10,000 ton cruiser "Aoba" moored near the shore of Nabe village in the vicinity of Kure. This cruiser has a large hole on port bow forward. 

MC Same as above. Shows bomb hole. MS Same as above. Another view different angle. LS Same as above. General view of "Aoba" at moorings, looking towards bow. LS Battle damage to the Japanese 31,000 ton battle cruiser "Hyuga". Showing decks awash and general damage. This is a moving shot. MS Same as above, close shot to show superstructure damage. MC Same as above, moving shot from stern and along starboard. MLS Same as above, moving shot past stern flight deck gives a very good idea of the size and the length of the battle wagon. MC Same as above, close up of damage to starboard side. 

MCS Panning looking toward the bow showing the way the bow is sheared off by a direct hit on the bow of battle cruiser "Hyuga". CU Pan up showing the sheared off bow. LS Pan up looking toward the stern from the bow first showing the front 16" gun turret and ending at the damaged superstructure of the main bridge. MLS The 16" gun on the front turret. MCS Pan shot showing the damaged superstructure on the starboard side. CS Showing the bombed out section on the port mid-ship deck. MCS Showing the effect of the bomb blast on the port side mid-ship deck.

MCS Showing two different angles of the above take, which the deck is bowed up and the side plate is bursted. MLS Panning up looking toward the bow showing the way a direct hit ripped open the starboard side of the main superstructure. LS Pan L to R looking towards the stern of the Japanese battle cruiser "Hyuga" which shows direct hits on the starboard and port sides of the flight deck. MLS Pan up and L to R showing port 16" gun awash. MLS Looking up at booms and radio antenna above superstructure showing crude attempts to camouflage, then a slow pan down along the superstructure (poor shot due to angle of sun).




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