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The final battle for Munich began 29 Apr 1945, when the US 20th Armored Division, US 3rd Infantry Division, US 42nd Infantry Division and US 45th Infantry Division assaulted through the outskirts of the city, also liberating Dachau concentration camp in the process. Some sectors were well defended against this opening push. However, the city itself was captured rather easily, as the German defenders there offered only light resistance, on 30 April 1945.

On this footage you can watch prisoners' march through Munich, Germany, May 1, 1945. German prisoners and SS troops are marched through streets on their way to a prison camp. American soldiers guard prisoners who are marching with their hands behind their heads.

Image of a U.S. military photograph depicting a column of prisoners-of-war marching through Munich, Germany (Image online, courtesy the U.S. Army Center for Military History)


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