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The Henschel Hs 129 was a World War II ground-attack aircraft fielded by the German Luftwaffe. Its nickname, the Panzerknacker (tank cracker), is a deliberate pun—in German, it also means "safe cracker". In combat service the Hs 129 lacked a sufficient chance to prove itself; the aircraft was produced in relatively small numbers and deployed during a time when the Luftwaffe was unable to protect them from attack.

From time to time i enjoy it to build aircraft models, it was time again to have a look at the "dark side". The Hs 129 is one of my favourites, i really like the look of this plane. I also had good memories building the reboxed Revell version of this kit (which is not available anymore), so it did not hurt me to pay a horrendous price for the Hasegawa kit. It is a very easy model with great detail, all in all a very enjoyable building experience without any trouble. Highly recommened to everyone who can afford this kit.

My model shows an aircraft of the 10. (Pz)/SG) squadron flown by Lt. Walter Krause in Ukraine, March 1944.
I painted the model with acrylic paints from Revell. Vallejo pigments and Ultimate Modelling Products washes were used for the weathering.


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