The Handbook on Winter Warfare, a compilation of experiences glenned from the Winter War of 1941-1942, is hereby authorized.
It will serve as a suggestion for tnlining. This handbook is a compilation of practical experience in winter warfare. It is intended to facilitate adaptation to winter conditions in Russia. Section I gives a general idea of conditions during the winter and the muddy period and of the inferences which may be drawn therefrom. It is intended chiefly for officers of all grades. The information in this handbook must become the common property of the troops, and a detailed study of it must be made the duty of all officers and instructors. Most of the subjects are suitable for the instruction of noncommissioned officers. For the more intensive study of the subject of winter warfare, other training publications as well as training films will be used extensively.


Army General Staff/Training Section (II) - Army High Command - Military Intelligence Division - War Department - U.S. Army War College - U.S. Army - U.S. Government
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