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I'm sure you know it, but let me remind you that a new World War II drama is being planned. Its success looks like sure. Many magazines and websites is talking about it.

Tom Hanks, who starred Captain John Miller in "Saving Private Ryan", is involved on it. Hanks has written the script and he hopes to star. It will be directed by Aaron Schneider Its title is "Greyhound". 

Greyhound will be a new wartime naval drama. It's still coming together, so it could be a while before it sails. The story is about a career officer who finally gets to command his own Navy destroyer in World War II named "Greyhound".

He is more unsure of himself, but has to suck it up while he leads his own men into battle. He has to fight his own self doubt and personal demons to prove that he belongs in the captain's chair. He has also to deal with combat enemies. An enemy commander is also going through a similar experience. 

The title of the movie is taken from the name of the ship itself. It isn't known if this project is based on a true story or not. The real-life HMS Greyhound protected convoys in the Mediterranean Sea against attacks from the Italian fleet, and was sunk by Stuka dive-bombers in 1941.

Narratively, it sounds captivating. World War II has been revisited so often in cinema that it's becoming harder to tread new ground tell stories set in the conflict. There also haven't been nearly as many WWII movies based around the Navy, so setting Greyhound aboard a ship helps distinguish it from the crowd.

Hanks has a lot of experience starring World War movies. For Save Private Ryan, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. He also executive produced two WW2-themed mini-series for HBO in Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

The budget is in the mid-30 million range. The project will be funded by FilmNation. Set up at Hanks’ Playtone Productions, Greyhound is being developed alongside Get Low’s Aaron Schneider. Hanks’ Playtone partner Gary Goetzman is set to produce. 

No release date or production schedule was announced yet for Greyhound. The news was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.

(Photography via United States Navy)

Destroyers, named "Greyhounds of the Sea", or (slang) "tin cans" served all of the major sea powers well during WW II. They were the smallest, general purpose, ocean-going warships of the various blue water fleets and they often took heavy losses in action. That was perhaps inevitable, as destroyers were employed in many roles besides hunting torpedo boats and submarines, their original purposes.

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