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 HQ Batallón) September 12, 2017

Join Richard “The Challenger” Cutland in our latest three-part mini series as we explore the rise and fall of one of the most famed tanks of the Second World War—the infamous "Panther" medium tank!

The Panzerkampfwagen V (Pz.Kpfw. V, also Panzer V or Sd.Kfz. 171) or "Panther", was heavy meduim tank with the 7.5-cm-KwK 42 L/70 gun that served from mid-1943 to end of the war in Europe in 1945. Intended to counter the Soviet T-34 and replace the Panzer III and IV, at least 6,000 of this ferocious beast were made in total. 

In order to enjoy the 360⁰ feature of the video, all you need is a PC or a smartphone/tablet with the YouTube mobile app.


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