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Background.- The BMW R75 was a WWII era motorcycle used in large numbers by the German armed forces. The R75 could be fitted with a sidecar. The third side-car wheel was driven with an axle connected to the rear wheel of the motorcycle. These were fitted with a locking differential and selectable road and off-road gear ratios through which all four and reverse gears worked. This made the R75 highly manoeuvrable and capable of negotiating most surfaces. The BMW R75 and its rival the Zündapp KS 750 were both widely used by the Wehrmacht in Russia and North Africa, though after a period of evaluation it became clear that the Zündapp was the superior machine. In August 1942 Zündapp and BMW, on the urging of the OKW, agreed upon standardisation of parts for both machines with a view to eventually creating a Zündapp-BMW hybrid (designated the BW 43), in which a BMW 286/1 side-car would be grafted onto a Zündapp KS 750 motorcycle. The standardisation program meant that machines that were produced by BMW and Zündapp used 70% of the same components. This simplifies the supply of spare parts for these vehicles, many of which are still in the hands of historic motorcycle enthusiasts. These vehicles are still highly desirable as collector's items because of their complex and durable technology, and are correspondingly expensive. A well-restored R75 can be still used for everyday purposes, on or off-road without problems

Master of All Trades.- Among the vehicles employed by the German military in WWII was a sturdy 750cc-class motorcycle with sidecar, powered at up to 95km/h by a 2-cylinder engine. The wheel on the sidecar could also be powered, making the bike and sidecar into a 2-wheel drive unit more than capable of holding its own on poor surfaces. Such versatility inevitably led to its use in a wide variety of locations from North Africa to the Eastern Front, seeing duty in reconnaissance and transport roles to name but two. If need arose, it could even be fitted with a MG34 machine gun and take the attack to the enemy.

About the Model.- ★1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. ★Length: 50mm, width: 36mm. ★The model features an accurate recreation of the vehicle's form with durable frame and flat twin engine. ★Included parts allow depiction of a choice of standard or large North Africa conflict air cleaner. ★A wealth of accessories such as equipment and small firearms are included. ★Driver figure is joined by a passenger figure which can be depicted with MG34 or MP40 firearms depending upon the arm parts selected. ★Comes with 2 marking options to depict Eastern Front or North African conflict models.

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