This bulletin has l)been l pl)ared from first-hand rleports on German methods of warfare as ellcollntered in lbi)va; many of thi docilllellts are
British in origin, but some of the more importanlt are verl)atiml reprints of captured German orders. The bulletin will serve a dual purl)ose: (1) To provide all officers with reasonably confirmlcd informlation, an(l (2) to serve as material for lectures to troops. Many of the details ca.n part ictilarly be stresscel while troops arce in training to deal with enemy tanks. Ilowever, the application of this information mIilst be in accordanlce with the tactics, technique, and procedulre prescribed( in the pertinent manuals of the U. S. Army.


U.S. Army Military History Institute - Militari Intelligence Service - War Department - U.S. Army - Information Bulletin nº 20
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