Probably, the Me 410 is the most sexiest looking of all twin engined fighter aircraft. The Me 410 truely is a beauty. There are only two Me 410s worldwide, one in the UK, which is shown on this video, and another one in storage with the NASM in the US. This ME 410 engine ran at RAF St. Athan South Wales 1988. Unfortunately, engine runs are no longer conducted.  

Note that strange noise, like a wirring especially the first one. The Bosch starters could be operated by hand, or electrically. Note the electric start cart in the background that is connected to the plane. The hand crank option was for rough field conditions or perhaps for rapid take off when the ground crews would get things ready in a hurry. The German DB engines utilized an inertia starter that spun up a flywheel which then engaged a starter gear to turn over the engine, which is what you hear at the start. 

It's a weight-saving feature found on quite a few Allies and Axis planes from the 30s and 40s. The German DB engines also have a very loud and distinctive supercharger whine while running.

This aircraft is part of the collection of the RAF Museum and is publicly displayed at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford. It was built in late 1943 by Messerschmitt in Augsburg. There is evidence it served with Zerstörergeschwader 26 before being surrendered at Vaerlose, Denmark in May 1945. It was one of six Me 410s that were taken to the UK in 1945 for evaluation, but the only one to be later selected for preservation and to avoid being scrapped. It underwent restoration in 1986, after which both engines were successfully run on the ground. It was moved to Cosford in 1989 and has remained there since.


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