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German armor, German steel. Top 6 stunning and nice colored footages.

  • World of Tanks - German Steel
  • German Panzers
  • SS Panzer Divisions in Color
  • Deutsche Panzertruppe
  • Panzerdivision of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS
  • Panzerlied (Color film)

Panzer Lied (Tank Song): If there's storm or it snows, or the sun smiles on us, the day is burning hot, or the night icy cold. Dusty are the faces, but joyful is our mind, joyful our mind; our tank roars ahead within the storm wind.


HCTerrorist (Youtube) | xRockett (Youtube) | yukikaze775 (Youtube) | darkborn20000 (Youtube)

WW2 Timeline: 

Nation in war: 


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