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The purpose of this study is twofold: to give U. S. troops a comprehensive picture of German antiaircraft artillery and its use, and at the same time to furnish U. S. antiaircraft artillerymen data by which they can compare German methods with their own. Although
some technical data is furnished for the latter purpose, it is quite obvious that a study of this type cannot include all known technical details on German antiaircraft mat6riel and technique.

The German approach to the subject of military organization is one of extreme flexibility. The underlying thought is that in view of the rapid progress of science as applied to war, organizational practice must remain flexible if it is to take advantage promptly of new scientific development, to exploit various kinds of situations, and to cope with all types of enemies. Efficient combat effectiveness of an organization is always considered a primary requisite. It should therefore be remembered that although the organization of German antiaircraft units is founded on. certain basic principles, experimentation with new tactical doctrines, economy of military manpower and equipment, or the
considered needs of a task force situation may cause the organization of certain AA units to vary from normal.


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