The Arado Ar 196 was the best float-plane of the Second World War. It flew attacks against U-Boats as well as Coastal Reconnaissance Missions and the there-with associated attacks on small inshore vessels. Most aircraft of the Ar 196A-3 Series went to Coastal Aviation Groups as well as to various Maritime Reconnaissance Groups and larger ships.

About the model:

  • Structured Surfaces
  • Detailed Cockpit with Instrument Panel
  • Rotating Propeller
  • Detailed Floats
  • Twin Machine Gun

Decal Set for two Luftwaffe Versions:

  • Ar 196A-3 of 5./ Bordfliegergruppe 196 August 1941 at Brest-Hourtin, France
  • Arado Ar 196A-3 of Seenotrettungsgruppe 10, Seenotbereitschaftskomando IX Tromsoe, Norway, Septemeber 1943

Product specifications:

  • length.- 153 mm
  • number of parts.- 43
  • wingspan.- 174 mm

Model Reviews.- 

  • Reviewed by Brett Green (FirstLook).- Advantages: Beautifully restrained surface features; very high level of detail; positionable control surfaces; optional position wings (folded and deployed); solid and straightforward engineering; crystal clear and thin transparencies; large and impressive. Disadvantages: "Flat pack" canopy moulding means that join tabs will be visible on the completed model. Conclusion: Revell's 1/32 scale Arado Ar 196 A-3 looks fantastic in the box - beautifully detailed cockpit, solid engineering and oustanding value for money... (see more at:
  • Reviewed by Ted Taylor (Construction Notes).- All in all an excellent kit, there will probably be some interior add-ons from some of the resin guys at a later date but there can not be too much needed as it is so well detailed now. Highly recommended and at the low price it is, most can afford it... (see more at:


  • Reviewed by Tom Cleaver.- If you like floatplanes, this is a wonderful kit.  It’s a whole lot cheaper than the resin 1/32 kit and a whole lot better than the other Ar-196 kits in the other scales.  If you go into the project knowing it wasn’t designed and produced by Tamiya and act accordingly, you’ll have a nice result.  It’s not a limited-run kit, but if you follow the rules for a limited-run kit (test fit three times before gluing once), you’ll do well.  You’ll have a much easier time if you do it opened up with the wings folded, but then you need to detail that accessories section if you don’t want it to scream “half-built model” at the world.  Recommended for those who like models that aren’t found in the middle of the beaten path... (see more at:

  • Reviewed by TacticalJackalope (Youtube).- This is one spectacular kit and if you can you should get one...period.

  • Reviewed by Hamilkar Barkas (Youtube).- This kit from Revell was released not a very long time ago. I was surprised by the amount of detail and the quality this kit offers for about 25€. The assembly was straigt forward and almost no problems occurred. In my opinion it is one of the best kits of the last years and I can highly recommend this kit. It won´t be my last one for sure!

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